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Ferrari x Nobleman x Astrea Caviar at New Port Beach 09.13.2020

An amazing Sunday event filled with amazing people! Thank you to Nobleman Magazine and Ferrari of Newport Beach for letting us be a part of an unforgettable event!

Burberry x Astrea Caviar at Beverly Hills 03.03.2020

Runway models and caviar dreams at Burberry in Beverly Hills. An experience that won't be forgotten and bonds made that will last a lifetime. Cheers!

Noreetah x Astrea Caviar Lunar New Year 01.26.2020

Celebrating the Lunar New Year with new friends, old friends, and everyone in between with great drinks paired with Astrea Caviar. Quite a night to remember!

Everson Royce x Astrea Caviar Happy Hour 11.24.2019

Enjoyed a full house at Everson Royce with champagne and 4 different caviar courtesy of Astrea caviar. An amazing tasting event!

Nexus Club NYC x Astrea tasting experience. 11.21.2019

An incredible night out in NYC with friends from Nexus Luxury Collection. With pours of Rare Champagne and coupled with our very own Astrea Caviar, this night was truly one to remember.

Auburn LA x Astrea tasting event. 10.28.2019

 A big thank you to Auburn LA and chef Eric Bost for an amazing tasting experience. Cheers to an amazing group of people and a wonderful night of stories and laughs.

Laurent Perrier x Astrea champagne and tasting event 10.20.2019

Big shout-out to IG: @terroir_matters and Miss Emily Murphy for hosting the event and welcoming Astrea to be a part of it. That was definitely a party to remember!

Patina x Astrea private dinner event. 10.06.2019

Chef Andreas Roller does it again with perfect pairings and wonderful wine by Burgundy. A perfect dinner event with great company.

Patina x Astrea x Burgundy private dinner event. 09.26.2019

Compliments to chef Andreas Roller for the exquisite pairings of our caviar. The food was beautifully plated and expertly combined to bring out true umami flavor. What an amazing event.









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