Reuse Your Astrea Tins | Make Candles at Home

We love to find a second life for the products we use, including our caviar tins. Our team recently was inspired to gather a few of our leftover tins and create something new with them. We watched a video from Pro Candle Supply on how to make our own candles, and knew this would be the perfect way to reuse our tins!

While you can make your own essential oil at home, like we did with some dried lavender, you can simply buy your preferred essential oil to add into your wax. This is a great activity for a low-key night at home or for your next gathering with friends.

 Snapshots of our process.

Tins for candles Equipment for candle makingcandles in caviar tins caviar and candles in tins

 Watch how to make essential oil candles!


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