Tuna Tartare Recipe by Chef Max Shapiro

Tuna. Fermented cream. Potato

Fermented cream:
Get high quality cream. High fat content. Put in an open lid container. Add buttermilk to the cream in the container. About 15 percent volume of the cream. Mix. Cover with cheese cloth. Let sit at room temp for 3-6 days to thicken and get funky.

Shred yellow potatoes. They’re creamier and waxy. Also shred an onion. Put in a towel and ring out the liquid. To the potatoes and onions add an egg and some AP flour. Mix. Fry gently in clarified butter.

Get a lean piece of tuna. No reason for otoro or chutoro here. Scrape the tuna with a spoon. It will crate a really nice texture when you bite it. It also removes any sinue or any other texturally undesirable things in the tuna. Add to a bowl. To that add hot sauce. Egg yolk. Chives. Mustard. Fish sauce. Olive oil. Salt. Shiro dashi. Lemon juice

Take a ring mold. Punch out a ring of potato. Build the rest in the ring mold. Add your tuna. Smooth out. Add your fermented cream. Top all with Astrea caviar. Lift ring mold.

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