Frequently Asked Questions

Is your caviar natural?

We don’t use borax as preservative, nor do we use food coloring to enhance its color. What you see and taste is natural development from aging. No cosmetics.


Do you ship internationally?

No, only within USA.


Will my order stay fresh during shipping?

We only ship via overnight shipping with signature and use FedEx’s special PeriShip service, the leading delivery service for perishable goods. Even though your order will be shipped overnight, we pack your caviar with ice packs and insulation liner which keeps our delicate product fresh for more than 48 hours.


How do I store and serve caviar?

Caviar should be kept refrigerated between 35-38 degrees Fahrenheit and not be frozen. Once opened, we recommend that the caviar be enjoyed on the same day and kept refrigerated for a maximum of 3 days. Unopened containers can be kept fresh as long as it does not pass the expiration date. 


How much should I buy? 

We recommend 15g per serving, 30g or 50g tins are perfect for 2 people to share. The best way to enjoy caviar is to buy only the amount you plan to serve, order fresh tins directly from Astrea’s professional storage facility to ensure quality!


What do I pair with caviar?

Caviar can be enjoyed by itself, with chilled champagne or vodka. Other classic accompaniments include crème fraiche, chopped chives, hard boiled egg shavings served on top of blini or toast, or simply empty a tin over scrambled eggs and indulge!

Why do we use specific spoons? 

We suggest serving caviar with mother of pearl spoons, but plastic or wood spoons are also acceptable. Do not serve caviar with any metallic silverware as they oxidize easily and can affect the delicate taste of caviar.

Why is your caviar aged? 

This is our proprietary process to develop complex flavors in caviar. Instead of being ”fresh”, our caviar is “freshly packed”. Depending on species, our caviar is aged 1 to 4 months after being cured with artisan low sodium salt. During this process the caviar slowly ferments and new flavors evolve.


What are the nutritional benefits of caviar?

Sturgeon caviar is a rich source for natural vitamins (A, B, C, D, and E) and contains healthy trace elements such as phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium and iodine.

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