Chef Mei Lin's Lunar New Year Table | Featuring Astrea Caviar

10 Things Chef Mei Lin Always Puts On Her Lunar New Year Table
Published on
January 11, 2022

Chef Mei Lin for Food Network

Ring in the Year of the Tiger with chef-approved spices, sweets, tableware and more.

Lunar New Year is a holiday that I have cherished since I was a child. It was always about family get-togethers, exchanging red envelopes and eating lots of delicious food. As I got older, I became much more appreciative of the traditions and superstitions that were instilled in me. From the antics of sweeping and cleaning days before the New Year to rid of any bad luck accumulated over the past 365 days, to gathering around a beautifully prepared steamed whole fish, Lunar New Year was always a time for reflection, indulgence, celebration and family.

Now, I look forward to ringing in the holiday every year – and making it as festive as I remember it. I’ve put together a list of Lunar New Year must-haves, from some of my favorite makers, most of whom are of Asian American descent, that will bring a special touch to your very own celebration.

On Astrea Caviar, "Listen, I know what you’re going to say — can you really have a favorite caviar? But stay with me here. I was captivated by the remarkable flavor complexity and rich textures of Astrea Caviar, a boutique producer established in 2019 by two Asian American female entrepreneurs, Eve Lin and Reisa Jiang. The Kaluga Hybrid is my choice of caviar to serve at the table for loved ones on the holiday because of its remarkable flavor and texture. It’s definitely a bit of an indulgence, but that’s what celebrating Lunar New Year is all about. While caviar is not at most traditional Lunar New Year tables, it’s how I add something fun and unexpected to my meal." 


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