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Yuki Nara Ceramic Caviar Servers Limited Availibilty. Please DM for Inquiry.

Limited Edition | Exclusive to Astrea Caviar

Limited Availibilty. Please DM for Inquiry.

Yuki Nara

We are thrilled to share an exciting collaboration between Astrea Caviar and Japanese ceramicist Yuki Nara. Yuki has created this truly unique vessel, in two different sizes, that will elevate your caviar service.

Only twenty sets were hand-crafted in Yuki's studio. Six sets for sale from our website.

Yuki Nara Caviar Servers

These exclusive pieces are only being shared with our Astrea Family; those who enjoy caviar regularly and are looking to enhance their home experience. We feel these pieces are beautiful and functional. They can elevate your dining table and would also fit it in well amongst art and sculptures in your home.

Yuki Nara is an accomplished ceramicist based in Japan who only works on a select amount of outside projects. His ceramics are beautifully delicate and his process is lengthy and focused. Astrea founders Reisa Jiang and Eve Lin met Yuki and quickly formed a creative bond. The synergy of their passions aligned and the partnership was formed. Yuki quickly was inspired to craft caviar servers unlike any other. 

Product details
Each set includes one of each:
Large caviar server is 5" x 4.5", can fit up to a 100g tin
Small caviar server is 4" x 3.5", can fit 30-50g tins

Yuki Nara and Astrea Caviar
We are honored to share these pieces with you. 

Learn More About Yuki Nara 
Yuki Nara
Referencing and drawing from the essence of the culture and nature of Japan that he has been focusing on in his studies, Nara has innovated the realm of ceramic art with his own unique technique that he appropriately calls “hybridizing,” to create an ultramodern style much different from traditional ceramics. It came about in the way comparable to a solution a researcher arrives at through repeated experimentation in a laboratory.

Two aspects that Nara is generally keeping in mind during the creation of his works are those of “boundaries” and “spaces.” It is in the infinite spaces between ceramics and architecture, digital and analogue, interior and exterior, chaos and order, where he aims to carve his own niche as an artist. This struggle is deeply reflected in his works, which manifest at once an entirely new and singular kind of place that Nara has been building for himself.
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